“Hi I’m Cheryl Robinson. I’m not a cook I’m a crafter and I’d like to be on your show.”  



Those were the words I said to Martha Stewart upon meeting her at a book signing in Birmingham, Michigan in 2008.  She responded, “Well send us some pictures.” Just so happened Martha was looking for clever craft ideas and I had the perfect one for her.

I sent Martha the pictures and she invited me on the show.  She liked my idea.  I turned a box from IKEA into a play oven that had removeable racks, a light that turned on and off, and a window for displaying coloring pages.  That box got me on national television, in the local newspaper and on a local radio station.  A local celebrity – imagine that?

Beyond The Oven has absolutely nothing to do with cooking.  In fact I really don’t like to cook. I’d rather clean than cook. Craft than cook. I did however enjoy cooking with my Easy Bake Oven and playing with my pretend stove and refrigerator as a child.  But that was the extent of my fondness of cooking.

I was born to create. Ever since being little I have always enjoyed making stuff and coloring.  I can remember experiencing pure joy making mud pies on rainy days and coloring coloring pages during trips in the car.  I especially enjoyed the pages with foods on them.  My mom, a creative as well, kept me actively engaged in all sorts of creative endeavors.

Those childhood experiences matured into a passion for not only making and creating, but for finding, buying and sharing cool stuff and fun ideas!  With each post I wish to enlighten, inspire and ultimately sow a little more imagination and creativity into the world.  ~Cheryl



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