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The Perfect Pair

This is a really cute idea I came up with to be used alone or preferably with my Cardboard Box Oven Kit.

As a kid I enjoyed playing with all things food. As such I was elated to find this Melissa & Doug Make A Meal Sticker Pad (click on link below to purchase from Amazon for only $4.99). The pad comes with paper place settings, but I had a better idea. I stuck them on plastic plates and in toy pots and pans for more realistic play. My five year old niece had a ball pretend cooking and serving up these sticker meals!

I wish the stickers were re-useable but unfortunately they are not. However, placing them on plates, pots and pans (my bright idea!) makes them the Perfect Pair – more durable and fun! Don’t forget to purchase the pad below. Have fun! ~Cheryl



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