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Back to School “Noodle” Pencils

This idea popped in my head sometime ago when I saw these elongated foam things  inside a dollar store. They were called Water Noodles and were made for water play. But of course I saw far more potential than just a water toy.  With a little imagination they could easily be repurposed into something exciting and fun.… Continue reading Back to School “Noodle” Pencils

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Win This Clever Cover Up


I love finding odd stuff.

Such was the case when I discovered this retro looking Radio. At first I thought it was just a neat knick knack.  You know, those things that sit around the house and collect dust.  But after seeing the battery compartment I became curious, much like my favorite childhood book character George.

I pondered, “does it really work?”  So I turned the left knob and it turned on.  Turning the right knob changed the channel and pressing the middle bar switched from AM to FM.   To my amazement it played real music and live talk shows with clarity!  But that’s not all.  This clever device held one more surprise – a secret compartment for stashing valuables!

I was totally amused.  This was a far cry from a knick knack and I had to have it!  But just like a bag of Lays Potato Chips (for those of you old enough to remember the commercial) I could not “eat” just one. I had to buy several.

To be entered to win simply share this post (in WordPress please!)and leave a comment. The Winner will be picked on the 7th day of the following month. So this month’s winner will be selected on October 7th Good luck!


Ps. This is the 2nd and final giveaway of this Nifty Find so be sure and enter!