Spiritual Based

“Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matt 17:20 tells us that.

It further tells us that having “faith even as small as a mustard seed” can move mountains. What if you were given that mustard seed?

I am astonished at how the Fitbit Fitness Tracker is so highly effective. Those of you unfamiliar, it is a tracker that measures your steps, sleep, exercise, etc. A subconscious motivator.

My “Mustard Seed of Faith” charm is a subconscious encourager much like the Fitbit. A reminder to have the faith to move forward courageously without doubt and fear. To trust, believe and work toward whatever goals (spiritual, health, business or personal) set in 2018. I’ll wear it much like my Fitbit. Perhaps even name it SeedFit?

Or maybe not.

But what I will do is plant some. I’m planting aka giving away 20+18 during the month of January. That’s a total of (38). It’s my small way of using my talent to share God’s word. Message me and I’ll get one to you (sorry – shipments can only be made within the United States). NOTE: Conceptual, not a real seed.

Let’s move mountains in 2018 – Happy New Year! -Cheryl

Ps Don’t own a Fitbit? Check them out below:



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