Nifty Finds

Puppy CAM

Looking to see what that new puppy is up to while you’re away?   Well look no further.  This camera is tried and true.  I bought one for my daughter and WE love it!  I say “WE” because I have access as well. Now I don’t have to wait for puppy updates – I can tune in myself!

And it’s so easy to setup.  Simply download the camera app, plug in the camera, connect to your wifi and watch the show!  Get more details below:


For a mere $44.99 on Amazon, you too can enjoy the peace of knowing and not wondering.  Order today by clicking on the above link.  You won’t be disappointed.  -Cheryl

Tuesday, 5/8 @ 9:10 AM
Penny at 9:10 AM on Tuesday, 5/8/18



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