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The “Real” Story in an Egg Carton

Twelve colorful eggs packaged in an egg carton with meaningful objects inside bring the story of the death and resurrection of Christ to life. They are called Resurrection Eggs and can be purchased online and from retailers like Walmart, K-Mart and Target.

Children as young as 4 years old can tell the resurrection story using this carton of eggs. But what’s even more fun – you can make a set of your own at home!  All it takes is an egg carton, 12 plastic eggs and the following items:

  1. Permanent Marker
  2. Brown Marker or Brown Paint (to paint Crown and Thorns)
  3. Cardboard, Construction or plain White Paper
  4. Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, etc. (for decorating carton)
  5. Ink Pen (to poke holes in Crown)
  6. Scissors (for cutting)
  7. Q-tips (for painting and handle for whip)
  8. Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Roll (for Crown)
  9. Green Foliage (leaf to represent palms)
  10. Small Rock (to represent stone in front of tomb)
  11. Oyster Cracker ( for Bread) or make using white paper and brown marker
  12. Silver Coins
  13. A white Kleenex (for White Linen Cloth)
  14. Purple Tissue Paper (for Robe)
  15. Nails (or Paper Fasteners to represent Nails)
  16. Tree Twigs (for Cross)
  17. Toothpicks (for Thorns in Crown)
  18. Rubber band (for whip)
  19. Low Temp Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
You’ll need these items
  • Start by tracing the top of the egg carton onto cardboard, construction paper or plain white paper; cutout and decorate (as desired) using crayons or markers; then hot glue to egg carton;
  • Number the plastic eggs 1 – 12 using the permanent marker

To make the Crown of Thorns cut a section from the paper towel holder and use the ink pen to poke holes around it; paint brown using the paint or brown marker; break points off several toothpicks and use paint or marker to make brown then stick them in holes of crown.

To make the Cross hot glue twigs together. In this example, I used wire twist and painted brown then hot glued.

To make the Whip cut q-tip cotton tips off; cut portion for handle and paint brown; cut piece from rubber band and paint black with permanent marker; hot glue band to handle.

To make the bread and Sign  (if you don’t have an oyster cracker) draw the shape of a mini piece of bread onto a white sheet of paper;  glue it atop a piece of the paper towel roll and cut out; use brown marker or crayon to go around the edges; for the sign, cut a piece from the paper towel holder and write, King of The Jews on it.

Now let’s put it all together to tell the story…


Place the leaf in Egg #1                                                                                                                   Represents Jesus’ arrival  Matt 21:8

Place the cracker/bread in Egg #2                                                                                            Represents the Last Supper with the Disciples  Matt 26:26

Place the coins in Egg #3                                                                                                                             Represents the guards gambling for His clothing   Matt 26:14-16


Place the purple tissue paper in Egg 4                                                                                     Represents the robe placed on Jesus    Matt 27:28

Place the crown of thorns in Egg #5                                                                                         Represents the crown placed on His head   Matt 27:29

Place the whip in Egg #6                                                                                                             Represents the whip used to beat Jesus    Mark 15:15


Place the cross in Egg #7                                                                                                                         Represents the cross Jesus was made to carry      John 19:16-17

Place the nails or paper fasteners in Egg #8                                                                             Represents the nailing to the cross     John 19:18

Place the sign in Egg #9                                                                                                                 Represents the sign they placed above his head       Luke 23:38


Place the white Kleenex in Egg #10                                                                                               Represents the cloth Jesus’ body was wrapped in  Matt 27:59

Place the rock in Egg #11                                                                                                               Represents the stone placed in front of the tomb    Matt 27:60

Leave Egg #12 empty                                                                                                                         Represents the empty tomb!  Matt 28:56 

There you have it – The Resurrection Story in an egg carton!  This is only an example of the items that can be used.  Use your imagination to tell the story using different objects and have fun telling the story over and over AGAIN! -Cheryl


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