Clever Ideas

Back to School “Noodle” Pencils

This idea popped in my head sometime ago when I saw these elongated foam things  inside a dollar store. They were called Water Noodles and were made for water play. But of course I saw far more potential than just a water toy.  With a little imagination they could easily be repurposed into something exciting and fun.

Without hesitation I purchased a truck load of them. I could hardly wait to get home to make the first one!  Here’s how you can too:

Acrylic paint works best.

Use scissors to shave a point on one end (there will be a hole left in the center but that’s ok);  paint that shaved area a wood color; next paint the point black for the pencil lead; use pink or red to paint the eraser on; wrap a piece of silver scrapbook paper underneath the eraser; hot glue shut for the band; use a fine permanent marker to add the No. 2.  Hot glue a Bic ink pen inside the hole of the pencil lead and write away!

If desired personalize with names and designs using metallic or permanent markers. Perfect for back to school, a birthday party craft or gift to a special teacher.  Like this clever idea?  Help me share it with the world.  Thanks for visiting – hope to see you back soon!   ~Cheryl


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