Nifty Finds

A Cool Kind Of Creepy

As a rule I generally don’t like spiders.  They give me the creeps.

But these are different.

I purchased them from Michaels around this time last year. Upon displaying them I wished I had purchased more.  To my dismay when I went back to buy more they were gone. I did however find them (after the season) on Amazon for $2.53.  Delighted I immediately bought 5 packages and tucked them away for next year.

A couple days ago I went to the spot where I knew I had put them. I was anxious. After all I had more to display – it would be fun! I looked and looked. But they weren’t there?!  Uuuuuuuuggggh…where could they be?  It’s typical of me to not find stuff when it comes time to use it. So the spiders you see in these pics are the remainders from last year. Hopefully I’ll find the others hiding in my house sometime between now and CHRISTMAS!?   ~Cheryl

ps. They are from Martha Stewart Crafts and are $11+ On Amazon for a package of 12.


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