Clever Ideas

An April Fools Day Prank

This idea came to me on April Fools Day last year. I had just eaten a bag of Smart Pop when it popped in my head – why not give Maiah a bag?   After all, it was April 1st and I did have an empty bag?

The thought made me laugh out loud.

I reached in my desk drawer for a glue stick and balled up a few sheets of paper.  I then stuffed the bag with the paper and glued it shut with the glue stick.  Amazingly – it had the same feel as the bag of popcorn I had just eaten !?

I couldn’t wait to fool Maiah…who was totally pranked when she opened the bag only to find crumpled up paper inside! I got Cliff the same way – it was too funny!

My only recommendation would be to have real bags on hand for when the laughing STOPS!?

Happy April Fools Day – have fun!  -Cheryl







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